Amilcar Gomes

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Amilcar Gomes


How can I leverage B Corp to become a more sustainable company? What’s the path to follow? What are the benefits, challenges, and pitfalls?”

My role as B Leader is to guide you through the B Corp journey so you and your employees can experience a successful, safe and enjoyable journey.

My expertise is about: long-lasting value projects (up to 1250%), creativity increase (up to 50%) and synergy facilitation. I have about 20 years of experience working with SMEs, startups, and multinationals. I’m certified in engineering, business administration, supply chain management, project management, coaching, collective intelligence enabler and in solution-oriented management. All these tools and experiences will be put at the service of your company.

A great journey starts very often with a first fruitful meeting, so let’s have a coffee and find out how we can create together synergies and deliver more sustainable value to you?



  • Facilitator of collective intelligence

  • Team building and animation

  • Employee Engagement

  • Multicultural team management

  • New forms of governance (Lean, Agile, Holacracy, and Teal)

  • Project management

  • Organizational design

  • Change management

  • Crisis management

  • Coaching

  • Strategy

  • Social impact

  • Leadership development

  • B Corp Certification

  • Recertification B Corp