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Having worked on responsible sourcing for Nespresso as a first professional experience, I was faced early in my career with the opportunities and outcomes of working with stakeholders to achieve mutual benefits. The next couple of year passed between college and developing start-ups. Working on strategy and marketing have only convinced me that innovation and technology can drive toward a more inclusive future.

“Let’s create future together”

I joined The Positive Project to help companies that are looking to grow while having positive impact on society at the same time, by tackling the great challenges of our time such as climate change and inequalities reduction.

The B-Corp certification offer an opportunity to help implement meaningful and long-term changes, being accountable for them. while gaining a competitive advantage.

Passionate about entrepreneurship and innovation, I can’t wait to tackle new challenges and help companies thrive in their environment.



  • Strategic Management (operational & companies creation)

  • Accounting, reporting and fiduciary duties

  • Strategic sourcing & operation management

  • Marketing and communication strategy