Belle Yin

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Belle Yin


My Journey with B Movement started with my heartened belief that Business is the driving force for building a better world. A business, no matter its size, is holding the crucial elements of change: talent, technology, and passion. If you decide to take flight by becoming a B Corp, I will be your trusted Co-pilot, enthusiastic advocator and supporting cheerleader.

In the past 14 years, I have built and managed globally recognized brands and products in China, Europe, Middle East and Africa. I am now equipped with the proven methodology and frameworks of B Corporation, helping organizations transform from good to great.

  • As a strategist, I can stretch your strategic thinking, identify opportunities for growth and create innovative solutions to drive real value in business;

  • As an experienced marketer, I can help you create the stories for your brand and products. Bring the stories to life and select the right media-audience mix to make the maximum effect with cost efficiency;

  • As a professional coach, I can co-design and facilitate various activities (coaching sessions, workshops, teambuilding events) for individuals or groups, to make sure any change process is smooth and welcoming.



  • Strategy design and implementation

  • Marketing

  • Communications

  • Branding, PR & Event Management

  • Content Management and Social Media Strategy

  • Product Development

  • Corporate Responsibility

  • Sustainability in Business

  • Stakeholder Engagement

  • Coaching

  • Facilitation

  • Purpose Discovery

  • Values & Culture

As a B Leader, I will provide my expertise in unraveling difficult concepts and navigating the process of certification. My strength in overcoming resistance at an individual and organisational level remains at your service.