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"Living in the heart of the Alps in Valais, I have always been enthusiastic about the beauty of nature. As the mother of two children, I now try to relay this wonder and respect to them.

Wishing to continue the path on a professional level, I completed my initial training in business administration with a DAS (Diploma of Advanced Studies) in sustainable management. This training provides me an expanded vision of action areas of corporate social responsibility. I, therefore, wanted to provide support to companies wishing to develop a holistic and sustainable model.

It is in this mind that I created B Today (for Tomorrow) in parallel with my function as a business analyst in the State of Valais. I support companies in their overall CSR approach or for specific needs (assessment of CSR performance, definition of materiality, dialogue with stakeholders, creation of a roadmap, production of sustainable development reports).

My experience of more than 15 years in various fields - project management, finance, SAP (management software) - give me a 360° vision of the company, and to define a sustainability strategy in line with its mission and values.

I will be happy to support you on the path to sustainability in a coherent and inclusive manner using the B Impact Assessment (BIA) and SDG Action Manager tools, which enable us to ensure that we think globally, right down to the identity of the company itself.

My values: authenticity, justice, commitment, creativity, ecology"

Area of expertise 

Finance / Accounting, CSR / Sustainable Development, Operational Management


Contact & Region

Sustainability Consulting






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