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Claire Luchini


I put my consulting expertise and my in-depth knowledge of the value chain at your service, to accompany you towards a sustainable and resilient company.

Graduated from the Cambridge Institute of Sustainability Leadership, BLeader and facilitator of the workshops La Fresque du Climat and 2tonnes, I accompany you and advise you so that your company develops its ability to reconcile the environment, the economy and the social in its decision-making and actions.

Becoming a sustainable and resilient company allows you to develop your customer base and engage your employees and suppliers.

This is possible when:

1. Your company understands the mechanisms of climate change and the levers to mitigate it. These skills are acquired during the workshops La Fresque du Climat and 2tonnes.

2. Your company makes its diagnosis:
o Thanks to the Business Impact Assessment questionnaire proposed by Bcorp, you identify your
strengths and areas for improvement.
o Thanks to Carbone4's OCARA method, you understand the resilience level of your company in front of climatic chocs.

3. Your company acts:
o Go to B Corp Certification,
o Act for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals through the SDG Action Manager.
o Create a specific action plan.

Area of expertise 

CSR / Sustainable Development, Operational Management, IT and Digital


Contact & Region


Switzerland, France




English, French

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