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Delphine Rochereau


With a technical background in Naval Architecture and composite materials, I have been a serial entrepreneur around the world in the travel and hospitality industry.
Today I focus on helping organisations transform and gain sustainability through enhanced positive impact.
The B Impact Assessment and the path to the B-Corp certification are functional tools to grow your impact.
I use many other tools like the Theory of Change, Coaching tools, researches from the Neuroleadership institute, the Stanford university or Frederic Laloux's approach to work with you on creating lasting changes within your organisation.
We shall work together on subjects spanning from :
- develop and implement strategies for social change
- visualize, evaluate and refine your impact business model
- create a purposeful leadership culture
- create and implement an action plan throughout your organisation

Area of expertise 

- Direction / Executive management / Corporate strategy
- CSR / Sustainable Development
- Operational Management
- Personal and Professional Development


Contact & Region

Sustainability Consulting

Switzerland, France




French, English

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