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Geraldine Fiol


The strategic challenge of the next decade is clear. The effects of climate change will not only be environmental, but also economic and social. As a result, I strongly believe that businesses of all sizes have a key role to play in the transition to a sustainable and inclusive economy.

Driven by my personal convictions and as a result of my work experience in Strategy & Change Management, my ability to understand business priorities and my natural skills to connect and motivate teams, I can efficiently support your organization through this journey.

Thanks to B Lab’s assessment (BIA) tool and the Sustainable Development Goal Action Manager tool, I will evaluate your company across its entire value chain (from sourcing to the end-of-life of your products/services). I will also define your starting point, the risks your company may face, but most importantly the opportunities you will be able to seize.

Based on this analysis, I will provide you with a tailor-made approach, define your Sustainable strategy, plan and implement positive impact initiatives with your team.

I will guide you in setting-up environmental and social performance reporting and in defining precise objectives, allowing a continuous improvement.

I will accompany you in change management (implementation of new processes, adjustment of your organization and governance). I will develop an inclusive communication plan for you to ensure your employee’s engagement.

Finally, I will lead you to successfully obtain your B Corp certification.


- Make sustainability central to your Brand, while generating business opportunities and creating shared value;

- Support you and engage your team through this important transformation phase;

- Lead your business to successfully obtain your B Corp certification and become part of an engaged Global community of like-minded companies.

Area of expertise 

- CSR / Sustainable Development, -Purchasing,
Human resources management, Communication


Contact & Region

Sustainability Consulting

Switzerland, France, Netherlands




French, English

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