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Isabelle Milhomme


Shall businesses contribute to a resilient economy? Indeed, we have no choice.

Time has come for me to lead the economy reset, as defined per Cambridge Institute of Sustainability Leadership: credible through my experience, I design circular business models (e.g. furniture industry), and provide innovative and strategic advices (e.g to a luxury brand) as an independant consultant. Among my latest successes is the B Corp certification of a Swiss co-working company, and I am thus an affiliated B Leader.

Sound industry knowledge come from my career and state-of-the-art recent studies.

Company founder and owner in the real estate industry for 15 years, I fostered a sustainable mindset in all interior design projects I led.
Prior to that, at Hewlett Packard EMEA, I developped new strategies and managed service improvement teams in Controlling, Internal Audit and in Strategic Purchasing. Merger of two companies and the resulting change management at employee level were my last assignments.

I enjoyed giving consultancy to directors from the C-Suite at a global level, as advices had a real impact.

Passionate about Corporate Strategy, and eager to share my knowledge, I design and lecture strategy and project management at Lyon University and in a local business school.

Living in harmony with people and nature is my major goal, as I want to improve the planet we grant our two sons. Singing in a choir provides me the balance I need to keep focussed and give my best at work.

Let us synchronize our songs to enrich our world with sustainable values!

Area of expertise 

- Direction / Executive management / Corporate strategy
- Finance / Accounting
- CSR / Sustainable Development
- Personal and Professional Development


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Sustainability Consulting





English, French, Deutsch

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