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Karim Keita


At MASODA, we campaign for an integrated Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), which permeates the operational processes and the governance system of organizations.

Everything starts, upstream, with a process-based approach, in order to fully understand the organization and the businesses of the company, to clarify the corporate business model and its value creation scheme, and leverage the organizational transformation factors, including digitization.

Downstream, we favor Knowledge Management, to transform the data resulting from the macro-processes of digitization and CSR into information, then into knowledge, with the objective of maintaining a dynamic of continuous improvement and making your organization a self-learner, ready for the switch to Artificial Intelligence.

Our CSR digital platform makes it possible indeed to take charge of all Business processes and gradually bring them to the level of performance required by BCorp certification.
It also facilitates taking into account the needs and requirements of all Stakeholders and monitoring their satisfaction, in the form of KPIs and automated dashboards.

Area of expertise 

- Direction / Executive management / Corporate strategy
- Marketing / Communication
- IT and Digital
- Quality and Safety
- CSR / Sustainable Development, Operational Management


Contact & Region

Sustainability Consulting





French, English

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