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Laura Perret


I am an enthusiastic leader with a passion for human, organizational, societal and sustainable development. I am committed to a fair, equitable and regenerative economic system. I cultivate networks to connect people. My holistic and strategic vision leads me to pursue ambitious goals. Through my participatory approach, I bring together the actors so that we can achieve them together. My career path has led me to demanding positions in management, politics, training, scientific research, IT, journalism, coaching and consulting. In search of meaning and evolution, I am a believer in lifelong learning. I hold a PhD in Computer Science, an Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA), a Master of Public Administration (MPA), a federal diploma of supervisor-coach and PCC ICF accreditation, an adult trainer certificate, an administrator certificate and last but not least, a B Leader certificate. Finally, I have political experience at the communal, cantonal and federal levels.

Area of expertise 

Direction / Executive management / Corporate strategy, CSR / Sustainable Development, Operational Management, Personal and Professional Development


Contact & Region

Management Consulting


Bern (BE), Fribourg (FR), Genève (GE), Jura (JU), Neuchâtel (NE), Vaud (VD)



English, French, Deutsch

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