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Marie-Aline Putz-Perrier


Companies are often seen as responsible for the environmental crisis and deepening social inequalities. Yet they can – and must – be part of the solution.

As a powerful tool to drive positive impact, engage with stakeholders, and give evidence of the Company’s commitment towards sustainability, B Corp certification can play a key role in building an efficient sustainability strategy.

As a B leader and sustainability consultant, I can assist you on your journey towards B Corp certification with a tailor-made approach, adapting to your specific needs.

Using the B Impact Assessment tool, but also the ISO 26000 globally recognised standard, I will:
- Identify relevant sustainability issues for your company, and associated risks and opportunities
- Assess CSR performance
- Help you define and implement an efficient sustainability strategy
- Assist you through the B Corp certification process

I can also assist you with sustainability training, carbon footprint assessment, CSR / ESG reporting and communication, and moving towards impact-driven business models.

Thanks to an academic and professional background encompassing sustainability, finance, strategy, and communication, I bring to the table a strong strategic acumen, rigorous approach and methods, and a proven ability to work with both executives and operational teams.

Area of expertise 

Direction / Executive management / Corporate strategy, CSR / Sustainable Development, Marketing / Communication


Contact & Region

Sustainability Consulting

Switzerland, France, The Netherlands

Genève (GE), Vaud (VD), Wallis (VS)



English, French

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