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Marie Blaser


At the heart of Loyco lies a deep conviction: sustainability is not an option, but a necessity. As the first Swiss company to be certified as a B Corp (since 2015), we have reaffirmed our commitment through four successive certifications, demonstrating our excellence in social, environmental performance, and governance. Thanks to our innovation lab, Loyco launched a support service in 2023 to share our expertise in high-impact projects, thereby consolidating our role as a preferred partner for the companies of tomorrow. Our multidisciplinary team, based throughout French-speaking Switzerland, is at the core of our approach, enabling a deep understanding and adequate response to the unique challenges faced by our clients.

📜Graduated in Economics from HEIG-VD and a specialist in sustainable management, Marie joined Loyco in 2018, significantly contributing to the implementation of Loycocracy, an innovative initiative in participatory governance. She then successfully took on the role of organizing external events for five years, while simultaneously coordinating the internal sustainable development team.

🌿 With this rich and varied experience, Marie co-founded the sustainable development support service in 2023, eager to share her sharp expertise in project management, event organization, and sustainable practices.

Area of expertise 

Direction / Executive management / Corporate strategy, CSR / Sustainable Development, Marketing / Communication, IT and Digital


Contact & Region

Sustainability Consulting


Fribourg (FR), Genève (GE), Jura (JU), Neuchâtel (NE), Vaud (VD), Wallis (VS)



English, French

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