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Sara Gnoni


After a successful 11 years long career as a senior manager in two big four companies, I decided to turn to a more meaningful work, which would more fit with my values. In June 2014, I, therefore, obtained the diploma of environmental advisor.

We have now trespassed most of the planetary boundaries and no solution is going to be possible without a change of paradigm towards a post-growth society, free of chemicals and where agriculture is at the center of everyone’s interests.

I put my long experience at disposal for advice, audit, and expertise to any organizations whose values are in harmony with mine and who want to create a better world.

​Full of energy and empathy as well as a touch of humour and a permanent smile in all situations, my aim is to be a reliable partner for my clients, a role model for my teams and a trusted advisor. Passionate about what I do, my actions are true to my words.

The B-Corp certification represents a chance to drive companies towards a sustainable future more inclusive towards their stakeholders in order to create shared value that will benefit everyone.

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