Davor Kosanic

Davor Kosanic


Are ecological sustainability and fair societies our inherent ethical obligations towards future generations?
Is technology going to disrupt our perception of value and our societies?
Should commercial companies assume responsibilities towards stakeholders beyond their shareholders?

Scientist by training and mindset, I am convinced that the objective scientific method is the best way to create measurable evidence-based progress for humankind. In this context, I see the B Corp approach as the most comprehensive and objective way to measure the impact of companies and to go beyond the myopic single bottom line.

As a collaborator of EPFL’s Tech4Impact Initiative, I am in charge of promoting social change and sustainable development by leveraging cutting-edge technology & innovation, with a special focus on engaging with large corporations, interested in disruptive sustainable innovation.
As a serial tech entrepreneur, I have a particular interest in supporting social impact startups on their way towards B Corp certification. History teaches us that the big players of a future economy are the startups of today. If you replied “yes” to the questions at the beginning, then you certainly agree that these startups should grow with the mentality and impact business models of a B(enefit) Economy.



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