Eric Molleyres

Eric Molleyres


I am a 45 year old man, married and with three beautiful kids. I love paradoxes, life, love and human beings.

I am a creative guide, a suprising artisan, a grounded visionary, a liberactor who created OVALE & Parternaires Sarl, an engineer office in Châtel-St-Denis, 2.5 years ago. 

I am convinced that it is possible to experience the art of building tomorrow in a different way, to construct a better world together. By bringing human beings back to the centre, allowing them to fully engage and to uncover resources that are within, in order to move towards their purpose.

OVALE is specialized in building support constructions, both new or to be transformed. A team of 8 people can be deployed in all of Romandie, thanks to its partnership system. We apply sustainable development principles and a distributed management model, with qualitative interpersonal relations at heart. 



  • Strategy

  • Structural CO2 audit, in a partnership for full audit

  • B Corp Certification

  • Real estate construction

  • Civil engineering, seismic building standards

  • Eco-Bau structural specialist partner

  • ICF accredited coach

  • SANU Leadership & sustainable management

Über uns

B Lab, eine gemeinnützige Organisation, die eine globalen Bewegung von Menschen unterstützt, die ihren Unternehmergeist nutzen, um Positives zu bewirken.

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