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Accelerating on the Pathway towards
the B Corp Certification  

Why the Impact Pro Pathway? 

The Impact Pro Pathway is a way for companies willing to become B Corps to get themselves to

work into this direction within a comprehensive support framework powered by B Lab Switzerland.

The Pathway revolves around three modules. They constitute as many pillars on which the participating companies 

can count to build or strengthen their sustainability strategy and in fine accelerate towards the B Corp Certification.

From BIA-Tips to Template Documents, from insights on stakeholders engagement to handy guides on greenwashing

avoidance, and from the cornerstones of a 21st century sustainability strategy to impactful business models, the modules

serve a welcome guidance role.


the process




 Module 1 

  • BIA best practices

  • Formalisation & 15 templates

  • Deep-Dive on 3 templates

  • Collaborative Brainstorm

1h pre-recorded video & 1h online Workshop

 Module 2 

  • Sustainability Communication best practices

  • Internal & external stakeholders engagement

2h30 online Workshop

 Module 3 

  • Social & environmental (KPIs)

  • Community engagement

  • Supply chain engag. strategy

  • Environmental management systems (EMS)

  • Impact business models (IBMs)

2h30 online Workshop



  • Participants have access to the PACKAGE pricing at initial registration only.  

  • Companies purchasing the PACKAGE benefit from 20% discount on the Swiss Triple Impact program ; acquisition of the three Stand-Alone Modules unlocks the same discount.

  • STI Participants (Step 2 or Steps 2 & 3) receive a 20% discount on the Impact Pro Pathway Package. 

  • Prices with VAT not included; 7,7%. Invoicing at registration, online. 

Participation Conditions, Timeline & Registration


Registration to the Impact Pro Pathway is open to: 

  • Team members of companies all sizes and sectors that have begun the B Corp Certification process
    (namely that have at least created a B Impact Assessment), and that are headquartered in Switzerland. 

  • External partners or consultants who are actively involved in the company's B Corp Certification project. 

  • Up to three company representatives can participate in each of the three Impact Pro Pathway Modules.


  • All the Modules of the Impact Pro Pathway are offered once every six weeks, in French and in English. 

  • The three Modules should be attended to within a timeframe of nine months

  • Within that timeframe, companies can attend to the Modules at their own pace.


  • Please first sign-up, and fill in the form with your company details before signing-up to any modules. 

  • Registration to the modules is to be completed directly on B Lab Switzerland’s website (Upcoming Sessions Section) 

  • Please, reach out to us at for any questions, or reach out directly to your contact person at

      B Lab Switzerland.

Important Note:

To validate your participation, please sign up for the program first by clicking the button above, and fill out the form with your company details before registering for Modules.

If more than one representative from a company wishes to participate in a Module, it is necessary for each of them to register individually in the Module below. This will allow us to send the necessary information and documentation to all participants. The participation fee remains the same (i.e. there are no additional fees up to 3 representatives).

Module registration
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