Patrick Perroud

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Patrick Perroud


I have worked during many years in the field of wintersports and therefore I always was concerned about the environment. I personnally observed and felt the impact of climate change on my own business.

I am convinced that every one of us may have a positive impact on our world.

My experience in the the management and administration of SMEs in Switzerland allow me to understand the challenges faced by their leaders nowadays.

I have a pragmatic approach to my clients needs. First of all, we keep sight of profitability, in order to allow to develop in a sustainable way, and then to integrate social responsibility to the company’s practices. The benefits for those starting on that path are many and meaningful.



  • Strategy

  • Small and Medium sized enterprises (SMEs) management

  • B-Corp certification

  • Consulting in sustainable development

  • Marketing

  • Project Management

  • General management