Sabine Ryckeboer

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Sabine Ryckeboer


For more than 20 years, I have been supporting companies in their Quality and Sustainable Development projects towards obtaining their certification.

For me, support means “going together”, towards the most adapted actions given the context and challenges of my clients.

I bring my advice and expertise; we translate them and adapt them to the size and specificities of the company.

Each project begins with the observation and analysis of the entire system in which the company operates, its values, its governance, its resources, particularly its human resources, its environment in the broadest sense, its relations with stakeholders.

Together we establish the action plan, the criteria to evaluate these actions, measure their impacts, consolidate them and improve them.

The B Corp certification and company assessment, using the BIA, are the current reference tools to support changes towards a sustainable society, and act today.

Curious, passionate about mountains and wide open spaces, Nature is my true source of inspiration as the systems are linked, interconnected, interdependent….. And so alive!



  • Team management

  • Project management

  • Innovation management

  • Process management

  • Sustainable Development Projects

  • SDGs

  • Quality, Environment, Energy Certification

  • Certification and training (EduQua)

  • User Control Assistance